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CRS is a turnkey cybersecurity education-as-a-service firm that accelerates the development of cybersecurity professionals by packaging experiential training programs to deliver immersive, hands-on training to rapidly close the cybersecurity talent gap.   CRS’ unique business model entails investing private capital in qualifying regional cybersecurity universities to form public/private partnerships. CRS provides the Range, curricula as necessary, and Federal Grant writing expertise,   CRS then provides Business Development assistance to aid the University to offer education services to community colleges, K-12, Industry and Government as well as assisting in laser targeted grant applications for Work Force development and research grants.

Partner Universities and other Educational Institutions provide:
Cyber Range Solutions, Inc. provides:


In addition to our CRS’ partnership with UTSA,  CRS partnerships include training programs for Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security, several energy sector and manufacturing companies as well as State Government IT programs, several community colleges, a few managed service providers.  

CRSI has developed a unique curriculum in Industrial Control Systems/Critical Infrastructure with on-going development in 5G, IoT medical device and automotive sectors. 

CRS’s investment strategy is based on development and deployment of cyber ranges whereby the university or educational institution provides real estate space and trainers with CRS investments in IT infrastructure, curriculum, and business development resources to create a self-financing cyber security training facility. 

CRS Partner Investment Criteria:

Sample New Student, Professional Development
and Corporate Marketing Support


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