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Our university partners truly understand and take advantage of our mission statement to grow the cybersecurity workforce and that is why one of our primary attributes is the ability to identify Federal funding in the form of grants for our university and non-profit partners. The Federal Government will allocate more funding towards cybersecurity and training in the next two years than ever before and CRS has the ability to navigate that process, allowing budget starved IHE’s and non-profits to catch up to the demands of what today’s world requires. CRS has found the most success in developing a model for our partners that creates a regional growth platform for our partners’ cyber training and workforce endeavors. Our models are aligned with the policies implemented at federal, state and local levels. 


Congressional Advocacy, Federal Grants, and Public-Private Partnerships

Organizations today face severe challenges recruiting the talent they need to protect their systems from cybersecurity threats. While shortages exist across the board, the greatest need is for professionals with deep technical training who are able to take on high-value roles like secure system design, tool development, and penetration testing. CRS recognizes that tangible talent gap in the cybersecurity workforce across the country and is well poised bridge that divide. Never before has that divide been more pronounced than it is now during a national pandemic where many Americans are working from home and when cybercrimes have seen an uptick of 300% in the last 10 months, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. That is why our services include more than just training and access to our hyper-realistic range. More than anything, our firm is focused on closing that talent gap and building the necessary channels to ensure that well trained individuals become team members of the much-needed cybersecurity workforce in both government and the private sector.
“Major sources of cyberthreats aren’t technological. They’re found in the human brain.”


Organizations Struggle to Recruit Qualified Candidates

The struggle to find qualified individuals to work in a Security Operations Center is real.  According to the same Fortinet report, 68% of organizations struggle to recruit, hire and retain cybersecurity talent.  With such a struggle existing in the market you want to ensure that the talent you are bringing into your team is qualified, workforce ready and can immediately contribute to a team struggling with incident overload. 

Policy Alignment

CRS’s outlook has never been more optimistic because the cybersecurity policies coming down the pike will focus on developing a robust cybersecurity workforce, including education reform, focused government spending, more opportunities for hands-on training like our range exercises, improvements in workforce diversity, and technological advances to fill the skills gap.

Workforce Development

There will also be initiatives that encourage companies to hire cybersecurity applicants with non-traditional backgrounds, like those graduating from short-term, intensive cyber re-skilling programs and two year colleges as a way to fill critical workforce needs. Part of this policy will place emphasis the training and preparing of underserved communities in urban and rural areas as well as our nation’s Veterans. 

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