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Cybersecurity Training Programs

Cyber Range Systems, Inc. works with our partners to provide fast paced zero-to-hero cyber security training programs to help under served communities and our veterans so they can quickly become valuable participants in the digital workforce.

Key Offerings

Cyber Range Solutions creates customized cyber security awareness educational campaigns which include basic information modules, videos, short quiz on topics such as email security, mobile phone security and password protection to help employees and sub-contractors of corporations and organizations achieve education compliance.

CRS has developed, adapted and deployed a simple application that tests and baselines individual cyber security skills & aptitude which allow us to create a skill development path. 

CRS instructors and subject matter experts work with partner universities and private organizations to  develop Individual and group training strategies based on NIST/NICE frameworks

CRS instructors and subject matter experts work with partner universities and private organizations to develop practical and workforce ready curriculum so that students gain practical hands-on training and are ready to immediately add value to their future employers cyber teams.

CRSI Range is the world’s leading hyper-realistic cyber training and simulation platform, enabling top-tier organizations to set up and manage their own cyber security training centers. The platform enables organizations to simulate networks, traffic and attack scenarios, to train and test people, procedures and technologies in a safe and controllable environment. CRSI Range provides the infrastructure to train individuals, small and large teams, on a real-life network environment. It accelerates qualification, reduces certification time, and produces staff who are more competent and up to date. CRSI Range simulates networks, traffic and threats over virtual machines. The simulated environment is injected with traffic, simulating typical activity such as user emails, web-surfing, and server communications. CRSI Range is provided with multiple comprehensive training scenarios. The document below describes some of the provided scenarios together with real life examples of the attack simulated in the scenarios

Periodic Experiential learning for specific customized scenarios that are asynchronous and team/role based range exercises deliver hands-on individual and team level instruction and guidance that remediates weaknesses and strengthens strengths, improving workforce readiness.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Training

What is CMMC?

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework is a verification mechanism designed to measure the organizations’ maturity regarding the protection of unclassified information such as Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). CMMC is a new set of cybersecurity standards that encompasses various cybersecurity standards, references, and other best practices. It comprises a number of processes and practices which are mapped across five cumulative certification levels.

The CMMC model is developed and managed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and is considered to be the DoD’s response to potential compromises of sensitive information that resides on Defense Industrial Base (DIB) systems and networks. CMMC Accreditation Body (AB), on the other hand, is the sole authoritative source for the operationalization of CMMC assessments and training.

Why is CMMC Important for You?

As in any other area, the large number of security incidents has also affected the Defense Industrial Base and the supply chain of the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD is aware that, in order to decrease the risk related to national economic security and in general the national security, it should be focused on protecting its unclassified information. Therefore, the DoD released the CMMC framework which assesses and enhances the cybersecurity posture of organizations throughout the DoD contractor community. Since CMMC is a cybersecurity standard, the CMMC certification will eventually be required for all DoD contractors, including small businesses, commercial item contractors, and other suppliers. The CMMC training courses will help you acquire knowledge on CMMC domains, practices, and processes and understand how they may be applied within the DoD supply chain. In addition, CMMC training courses will help you understand the CMMC certification process and prepare you for your role in the CMMC-AB ecosystem.

Benefits of the CMMC Training Courses

The Certified CMMC training courses will help you to:

  • Understand the basic concepts, definitions, and approaches of the CMMC model
  • Understand the CMMC domains, capabilities, processes, and practices applicable for each CMMC maturity level
  • Gain the ability to interpret the CMMC requirements in the specific context of an organization
  • Understand the CMMC assessment methodology and process across all CMMC levels
  • Obtain the necessary expertise to support an organization in implementing and managing the requirements of the CMMC model
  • Get a pre-assessment of your organizations posture and preparedness

How Do I Get Started with CMMC Training Courses?

Our training courses are delivered by experienced trainers which aim to help you extend your professional knowledge and advance your skills on CMMC requirements implementation and assessment.

The Market-Leading Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Platform

With over 500,000 cybersecurity positions open in the United States (, the race is on to fill millions of critical positions to decrease the risk for your organization.

Accurately assessing the skillset of incoming candidates, existing team members, and team readiness for multiple incident types is of paramount importance to reduce risk exposure for your organization. The more you know about a team member or candidate’s cyber skill set, the better prepared you will be to up-skill existing team members or make informed hiring decisions regarding qualified candidates.

Certifications Test Theoretical Knowledge.  Assessments Verify Skill

Getting your CISSP is not as hard as it used to be.  With hundreds of crash courses on sites like Coursera, Udemy and many others; those who seek to gather industry certifications can do so quite easily.  According to a recent report from Fortinet, 85% of organizations have team members that have security certifications.  In fact, 82% of organizations prefer to hire candidates with certifications.  However, given that the testing for these industry certifications are in a quiz format, they do not accurately tell us whether a candidate has the appropriate technical skills to be successful in a cyber role.

Organizations Struggle to Recruit Qualified Candidates

The struggle to find qualified individuals to work in a Security Operations Center is real. According to the same Fortinet report, 68% of organizations struggle to recruit, hire and retain cybersecurity talent. With such a struggle existing in the market you want to ensure that the talent you are bringing into your team is qualified, workforce ready and can immediately contribute to a team struggling with incident overload.

Cybersecurity Skills Gaps Have a Major Impact

Cybersecurity professionals have reported a major impact as a result of the cybersecurity skills shortage. According to the Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals Report from ESG/ISSA, 70% of cybersecurity professionals feel that their organization has been impacted by a shortage of skilled analysts. Fortinet has reported that 73% of organizations had at least one intrusion or breach over the past year that can at least be partially attributed to a gap in cyber security skills on their team. 47% of organizations had three or more incidents that could be attributed to the cyber security skills gap.

Key Capabilities of CRSI Range:

  • Automated cyberattack simulation accurately simulates attack exercises ranging from basic threats to complex multi-stage attacks
  • Comprehensive virtual networks – a selection of rich networks resembling a typical corporate network infrastructure
  • Real-world security tools including commercial SIEMs, firewalls and endpoint security tools
  • Individual and team training to work on both individual skills as well as teamwork and communication skills
  • Automated trainee assessment tracks and grades users automatically based on their performance
  • OT training options enabling critical infrastructure security and network staff to train in responding to IT/OT attacks

With more and more organizations being charged with the protection of sensitive data, organizational assets, and intellectual property; ensuring your team has the skills to succeed is no longer a nice to have. Accurate assessment is now a core need.

Cyber Skills Assessment Across the Employee Lifecycle

Assessing whether a candidate has the right skills and knowledge to be successful does not stop once an employee has been hired. With accurate assessment, based on displayed skills and knowledge, you can develop an up-skilling plan for any employee. Assessment throughout the training process will allow you to see whether the training is working, if an employee is ready for promotion, or if skills have deteriorated over time.

Working in a zero trust environment should require every member of the team not just to tell you what skills they have, but to be able to show you the skills they can leverage when it counts.  Only with accurate assessment can you truly reduce the risk to your organization with confidence.

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