Blue Team Course

Blue Teams refer to the internal security team that defends against both real attackers and Red Teams.  Blue Teams are well aware of the business objectives and the organization’s security strategy. Therefore, their task is to strengthen the castle walls so no intruder can compromise the defenses.



In this course the students will learn about any mentioned aspect – incident response, security systems, cyber attacks and forensics.

The approach to this course will prepare you to:

  • Create a rule set for variant of security systems as a firewall, IDS/IPS, SIEM
  • Implement endpoint security
  • Define organizational security policy
  • Define incident response plans
  • Investigate office files, PDF, RTF
  • Analyze emails for forensics purposes


  • Technically skilled SOC analyst, IT or developer responsible for penetration testing or seeking a “blue-team” position


  • Candidates with understanding of development, networking, Linux and Windows operating exam.  Candidates must pass an entrance exam to be accepted into the course.

40 Hours

This part-time study course is spread over a 10 sessions set schedule of four hours each to provide the learner in-depth and fast paced training designed to instill the skills needed for the aspiring SOC Analyst Red Team Member while providing without requiring a dedicated week of training.

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