Malware's Anatomy Course

Quick and accurate responses to vital security incidents, and course students will be able to provide important answers, such as the entry point to the organization, how many positions were recorded, how to sign the attack, etc. This course is intended for people with backgrounds in operating and communication systems.


Malware's Anatomy Course


The Anatomy Malware course provides theoretical and practical training for students with a background in programming and analytics with the goal of enabling the audience to understand and gain experience with varous disabilities and understanding their behavior.

The approach to this course will prepare you to:

  • Analyze and research operating system(s) behavior
  • Analyze malware and their techniques
  • Develop experience and expertise with WinDBG and IDA


  • Junior security researches who seek to analyze advanced malware and understand malware’s anatomy in depth
  • Malware analysts who seek to improve their skills and be able to analyze advanced malware


  • Candidates with experience in in the cyber security field that have a technical background with C Languages, Python, IDA and WinDBG as well as basic malware reverse engineering experience.

40 Hours

This course is a part-time study of in-depth and fast paced training designed for cyber security analysts, Blue-Team members and experienced Security Operations Center personnel.

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