Red Team Course



In this course, the students learn Python first to create and develop new tools to help them achieve the PT goals. There are 3 penetration testing cases that each student needs to pass and learn throw each one of them new attacking skills.

The approach to this course will prepare you to:

  • Gain familiarity with attack methods, models and processes
  • Detailed Red Team reporting
  • Develop evidence based advanced risk assessment reporting
  • Instantiate open-source reconnaissance
  • Develop Macros (VBA) to create malicious files
  • Gain access to networks and host using enumeration and password attack methodologies
  • Instantiate anonymous attack environments


  • Technically skilled SOC analyst, IT or developer responsible for penetration testing or seeking a “red-team” position


  • Candidates with understanding of development, networking, Linux and Windows operating exam.  Candidates must pass an entrance exam to be accepted into the course.

40 Hours

This course is spread over a 10 sessions set schedule of four hours each to provide the learner in-depth and fast paced training designed to instill the skills needed for the aspiring SOC Analyst Red Team Member while providing without requiring a dedicated week of training.

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