Threat Hunting Course

Quick and accurate responses to vital security incidents, and course students will be able to provide important answers, such as the entry point to the organization, how many positions were recorded, how to sign the attack, etc. This course is intended for people with backgrounds in operating and communication systems.


Threat Hunting Course


This course offers a targeted search approach, using networks and datasets to identify threats when the goal is to find opponents tactics, techniques and procedures.  This is an advanced security practice seen only in organizations that are at the peak of security efforts and represents an effective weapon against advanced cyber threats.

The approach to this course will prepare you to:

  • Define Cyber Threat Hunting and articulate its value to an organization
  • Create or enhance an existing hunting program
  • Leverage best practices and historical data to implement into your hunting program(s)
  • Build hunt missions for threat hunting in your organizations cyber security playbook
  • Leverage both endpoint and network data for successful hunting
  • Implement a hunting mission to hunt, find, remediate and automate the hunting process
  • Define and implement auditing policies to store data
  • Leverage Splunk’s database to make statistical and analytical reviews


  • Network security professionals and incident responders who use security and logging tools to assist with their network and endpoint hunting responsibilities


  • Candidates with experience in incident response

40 Hours

This course is a part-time study of in-depth and fast paced training designed for cyber security analysts, Blue-Team members and experienced Security Operations Center personnel.

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