Red Team Training

Red teamers are like ninjas, they need to attack a corporate, steal information and yet, be quiet and stealthy. It’s a challenge to intrude organization and spread inside until you achieve the penetration test goals but also to avoid the information security team and security systems makes it much harder.

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Hands On Training


This course is spread over a 10 sessions set schedule of four hours each to provide the learner in-depth and fast paced training designed to instill the skills needed for the aspiring SOC Analyst Red Team Member while providing without requiring a dedicated week of training.

Red teamers are like ninjas, their objective is to attack corporate entities, steal valuable and proprietary information, all the while maintaining stealth and anonymity. Red team students will learn the practice of ethical hacking and understand how organizations are penetrated by real life “red teamers” that are able to infiltrate corporations while avoiding information security teams and security systems.

A good red team member is someone with cyber security skills alongside development skills that can create a new and undetectable attacking tool. In this course, the students first learn Python to create and develop new tools to help them achieve the penetration testing goals. There are three penetration testing cases that each student will undergo to demonstrate their new ethical hacking skills.

Course Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with attack methods, models and processes
  • Detailed Red Team reporting
  • Develop evidence based advanced risk assessment reporting
  • Instantiate open-source reconnaissance
  • Develop Macros (VBA) to create malicious files
  • Gain access to networks and host using enumeration and password attack methodologies
  • Instantiate anonymous attack environments


  • Technically skilled SOC analyst, IT or developer responsible for penetration testing or seeking a “red-team” position


  • Candidates with understanding of development, networking, Linux and Windows operating exam.  Candidates must pass an entrance exam to be accepted into the course.


  • 40 Hours