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Red teamers are like ninjas, they need to attack a corporate, steal information and yet, be quiet and stealthy. It’s a challenge to intrude organization and spread inside until you achieve the penetration test goals but also to avoid the information security team and security systems makes it much harder.

A good red team member is someone with cyber security skills alongside development skills that can create a new and undetectable attacking tool.  In this course, the students learn Python first to create and develop new tools to help them achieve the PT goals.  There are three penetration testing cases that each student needs to demonstrate their new attacking skills.

Completing this course will prepare you to:

Who is the course for?

Security Professionals:

  • Technically skilled SOC analyst, IT or developer aspiring to become a penetration tester or join a “red team”


  • Candidates with understanding of development, networking, Linux and Windows domains.  Each candidate must pass an entrance exam.

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