The Case for Starting a Career in Cyber Security in 2022

A recent cyber security workforce study found that the industry increased by 700,000 working professionals compared to 2020, but still shows that there are 2.7 million jobs that need to be filled worldwide. The study suggests that the job demand for cyber security is incredibly high and there is a shortage of cyber security professionals.

Private companies and government organizations need experts who can keep their cyber security processes up-to-date, sustainable, and forward-thinking. Cyber security industry development offices like CISA (the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) are working hard to recruit diverse talent into the cyber security workforce.

CISA recently awarded a grant to develop certification training programs specifically for traditionally underserved populations including veterans, military spouses, women, and people of color.

Why is Cyber Security a Top Priority Now?

The workforce shortage is taking its toll on companies that continue to be breached. In reaction to real financial losses, companies can be expected to ramp up on hiring advanced information security solutions in 2022.

Government programs are making cyber security a top priority and backing it up with funding. Private organizations like Cyber Range Solutions are equipping educational institutions and companies around the world with curricula including hosted and premise-based cyber ranges.

Cyber Security Regulations and Compliance Standards

Signs are pointing to an increase in regulations and compliance standards that businesses are required to meet in order to minimize cyber attacks. New regulations require companies to have specific plans and systems in place to protect their data from unauthorized access, theft, or destruction.

For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on May 25th, 2018, regulates how personal data must be collected, processed, and stored by organizations operating in the European Union.

Fines for not complying with GDPR can be up to four percent of a company’s global annual revenue, so it’s no surprise that many organizations even here in the United States are turning to cyber security professionals to help meet standard best practices.

CEOs and government officials can be expected to continue to find ways to boost development with financial assistance opportunities for students.

Viable Candidates by Demographic: Veterans, POC, Unemployed

Another reason for the increasing demand for cyber security professionals is the lack of qualified candidates in comparison to the number of job openings. According to CyberSeek, there are currently 209,000 job openings for cyber security professionals in the United States, but only enough people with the necessary skills to fill 54,000 of those jobs.

This means that there is a massive shortage of cyber security talent, and organizations are struggling to find qualified candidates to hire.

Empowering veterans, people of color, and unemployed communities with certification programs and career path development resources in cyber security is a solution that serves both communities and companies.

Cyber Security Professionals Can Command High Salaries

Government, education, healthcare, finance, and other industries offer high-paying opportunities for cyber security professionals with advanced skills and certifications.

The average salary for a cybersecurity professional is $116,000, but positions that require more skill or experience can pay much more. The hope is that unemployed and underserved communities can find financially prosperous career paths while also filling a vital need for cyber security defense.

As academic universities make certification programs more abundant and accessible for these communities, we will only see the workforce boom continue to grow.

Here’s a recap of reasons why cyber security is a wonderful career path to enter in 2022:

  • Cyber security is a top priority for private and federal entities, so they are working together to provide financial support and training to new communities.
  • Regulations and compliance standards will force companies to hire more experts.
  • There is a huge population of viable candidates who are traditionally underserved. Certification programs can be very prosperous for them.
  • Cyber security jobs pay very well on average.

One obstacle that often keeps people from entering the cyber security field is the lack of awareness about what a career in cyber security entails, or the perceived lack of availability of certification programs. Explore key offerings from Cyber Range Solutions to discover if a future in cyber security is for you.

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